Holidays Knock Me Off My Game

Not that I really have much of a game, but I really get waylaid by the holidays.  It is just way too easy to push writing to the back burner when I’ve got cornbread dressing to make, Christmas cards to order, and, oh! I just remembered I need to see if we have enough forks for Thanksgiving dinner.

I cannot keep a thought, much less write prose.

When this happens, I often go to my safe place–the kitchen, or more specifically, my Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

Beautiful, isn't she?

I don’t know why exactly.  I suppose it’s that baking feeds both my needs: creativity and instant gratification.  My girls don’t really get my writing, but man-oh-man do they get the deliciousness of some warm Nutella Pumpkin muffins.

Mmmmm Good!

Thanks to My Oven Light for the inspiration and for making me a hero around here in about 30 minutes.

I’ll worry about those forks later.


About elizabethcarden

A wife, mom and writer of historical fiction (but sadly, not of thank you notes).
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2 Responses to Holidays Knock Me Off My Game

  1. Question #1…. When are you actually going to give me a cooking lesson??? For real. I have one of them there mixers and don’t know what the heck to do with it!
    Question #2…. And why am I not aware of this Nutella muffin? I think I have been left off of the Nutella Pumpkin Muffin party invite list. This must be remedied this week my sista.

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