Sir Thomas More Trivia!

In my on-going pursuit to introduce Sir Thomas More to those who don’t know him, I thought a little trivia might be in order.

Have you pointed out a fact? Have you gone to a meeting? Perhaps you anticipate the next season Downton Abbey?  Well, you can thank Sir Thomas More for those words. Because along with fact, meeting and anticipate, Sir Thomas is also credited with introducing the words taunt, shuffle, paradox, pretext, obstruction and monosyllable into the English language.

And have you ever commented that someone “can’t see the forest for the trees?”  Well, you are quoting Sir Thomas More.  And if you’ve ever tried “to make the most of something,” well, again, your speaking Thomas More’s language. It is bitter-sweet to note that he was one of the first writers to use the word integrity, as his integrity was the very thing that led to his death.

The more I’ve learned about St. Thomas More, the more he seems like an old friend.  Yes, he lived 500 years ago, but like the words he left us, his example continues to inspire me in my daily life.

About elizabethcarden

A wife, mom and writer of historical fiction (but sadly, not of thank you notes).
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