I’ve wanted to be a writer since I wrote my first play in second grade.  After a few (ahem) years detouring through the world of politics writing press releases, talking points and speeches I am ready to embrace my seven year-old self and be an author.  My first novel, Mine Own Good Daughter (the story of St. Thomas More and his daughter, Margaret), is complete and making its rounds through the agenting process.

I’m glad you are here!

6 Responses to About

  1. Stephanie Conner says:

    If only I would start even one of the things on my list that I’ve always wanted to do. Hmm…..I feel inspired. Congratulations to you for starting. You have done the hard part – opening the door – and now you can write and grow and teach and learn. On our end, we get to follow you as you go for it – whatever “it” may be. Hooray!

  2. Love the title, quote and header of your blog!

  3. Ellen Jurewicz says:

    Lovely to meet you at Book Club this month. Anne has introduced me such an inspiring group of women.

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